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Let's Talk About...


These 3 words are the foundation to this project.

There is a need to connect as humans, and to grow through lifelong learning, when we do both those things, we bloom!

When I opened Generation Green, the intention was to help people. Having an administrative background, I wasn’t really sure how to “sell” but I knew what I liked and what I was needing as a consumer. I genuinely care about the well-being of other people so naturally wanted to share what I was learning.

As the opening of Generation Green unfolded, I was meeting many amazing people with knowledge in different areas such as holistic wellness, herbalism, waste free living, and starting movements. I really wanted to connect with them more in order to continue learning!  


I also loved getting to know so many customers who were all at different places in their natural living journeys. These customers either had so much information to share or were eager to learn more. I started thinking about ways I could help all these different, beautiful people connect, so we could all learn and grow together…and Viola! The idea for the Wildflower Project began!

The Wildflower Project begins with connecting our journeys by starting conversations.


Conversations surrounding all the life stuff we’re dealing with at so many different levels. We are going to do this via a Wildflower Project podcast! We believe you will appreciate our honest, uncensored, and unscripted discussions that we hope you can all connect with.

For the podcast, we at times will start a conversation on a specific topic (and attempt to stay on topic), find local experts & other amazing people who we can learn from and possibly connect with further.

Finally, in an effort to create a Winnipeg community that grows together, we will be curating different pop-up events, workshops, day retreats, etc!!

The podcast episodes and the events will be posted on our events calendar and on our Wildflower Project’s Instagram account here. Of course our monthly newsletter from Generation Green will have the details for each month, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of them!  

I invite you now to follow along as we continue to unfold this project and like all those wildflowers to be, let’s see where the wind blows us!

Sherry Sobey

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