Our Team 

Sherry Sobey – Founder/Manager

Sherry Sobey is the sole owner of Generation Green & Acorn Cafe in The Exchange.  She is also the host of Generation Green’s Wildflower Project Podcast and one of the co-founders of MADE to Grow and MB Food Fest

Sherry grew up in various places throughout Canada, but feels Winnipeg is where she was meant to live and raise three boys! The change of the seasons, the lakes, and the prairie sunsets are a few of the things that make Manitoba her favourite place to be!

Sherry always felt a spiritual connection when in nature, and says it is where she feels most grounded, most connected and most inspired.

Sherry truly believes life is a journey that is meant to be enjoyed, experienced, and that nothing happens by accident. After a major health scare in 2007, Sherry made a conscious effort to remove the blinders and begin educating herself in order to start living a more natural, healthier life where the focus would be on prevention.  What a blessing that scare became, as it led her where she feels she was always meant to be!

Opening a “green living” retail store in 2012 was a way to not only make it easier for others to find alternatives, but also a way for us all to continue growing and learning!

“What we are putting in, on and around our bodies greatly affects all of us.”

Maria Albo - Marketing Manager/GG Sales Associate

Maria was born and raised in Winnipeg. She has a passion for the environment, politics and natural supplements and remedies. She is currently working towards her honours degree in Political Studies and hopes to one day create policies to help save our environment.


She first met Sherry when she was in kindergarten, and always looked forward to when Sherry would come into their classroom and teach them new and exciting art projects! Over 15 years later, her and Sherry have still remained close family friends. 


Maria has grown up in a family business with a focus on natural living and supplements. She loves to have conversations about natural alternatives, so stop by one day to have a chat! She also has recently started to work on Generation Green’s social media and is having so much fun! 


When she’s not working or busy with school, she loves to travel, play with her dog and spend time with family and friends.

Holly Simpson –GG Sales Associate/Newsletter Editor

Holly has called Winnipeg home for her whole life. She grew up loving the outdoors, travelling Manitoba and camping with her friends and family. Clear Lake, Rushing River, Birds Hill Park and the Whiteshell are some of her favourite places to adventure in the summertime. Holly also played every sport she could growing up including soccer, basketball, volleyball, and field hockey.

At 15, she decided to go vegan due to her love of the planet and all of the beautiful animals that depend on it, and she hasn’t looked back since! Holly is currently studying biology at the University of Manitoba and she hopes to enter a graduate studies program to further her education in science and sustainability.

In her spare time Holly loves to be with her family and friends, listening to good music, learning new things, and eating yummy vegan food! Holly is so thrilled to be working at a local shop that focuses on sustainable practices and spreading the important message to the world. She looks forward to helping everyone at the store pursue a more environmentally friendly, and healthy lifestyle.

Céline was born in Ontario and moved a lot while growing up, finally ending up in Winnipeg in 2001 to complete her University degrees. She has always had a huge love for animals, trying to rescue the strays and comfort the hurt.

Spending many years on a hobby farm as a child gave her a great appreciation of the life of farm animals. Being vegetarian for many years she made the decision to go vegan overnight in 2004. In 2005 she went to New Orleans to aid Animal Rescue organizations days after Hurricane Katrina devastated the lives of many people and animals.

She is a single mother to an amazing little "weegan" who is the joy and light of her life. Her son shares her passion and love for veganism and they love spending time together in the kitchen. They enjoy spending a lot of time together in nature, camping and going on many adventures They try to travel as much as possible often ending up in Boston and Phoenix. In the summer they enjoy road trips visiting small Manitoba towns to see what they can find.

She began dabbling with making vegan cheese in 2014 and after many years of trial and error connected with Sherry and a beautiful relationship was created. She feels very fortunate that she can spend time in a kitchen sharing her love of veganism with others through her cheese. Each small batch is made with a lot of love and pride. She is overjoyed to be a part of the Generation Green team!

Saron Lemma - Acorn Cafe Barista

Having grown up in Winnipeg, Saron can tell you it’s ins and outs. Saron loves the people here but most of all the art scene. Saron has always been in love with the arts as far back as she can remember and has started the process of creating her own as well!

Saron identifies herself as a creative because she finds herself to be multidimensional and cannot limit herself to one form of media.

Saron has always felt at peace in nature and looks to the outdoors for inspiration in her art. Saron finds nature to be her safe haven and after studying the condition of the environment decided to commit to living a conscious lifestyle. Writing outdoors and going on long walks are some of the things Saron enjoys and cannot imagine a world where these things would be compromised due to humanity’s careless actions.

Calling herself a Barista is one of Saron’s prides. She loves steaming milks to perfection and enjoys putting people on to new drinks. Saron can go on explaining the differences between a long pour and a ristretto or a latte and a cappuccino.

Some people love wine tasting Saron loves chai tasting!

100-433 Main Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba 

R3B 1B3 



Hours Of Operation:

Monday-Friday 9:30-4:30pm

Saturday 11-4pm 

Note: Cafe closes 1/2 hour prior to store and offers a limited menu on Saturday



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