Refill Station


Bring your own bottle… for our refill station!

Generation Green offers a variety of products in bulk and refill.  There are 2 options for refill!

  1. Purchase the product in store and bring the container back to refill

  2. Bring in any container from home for us to fill with the product


Please ensure all containers brought in to be filled are clean and dry.

If you are collecting “green points” (our instore loyalty program), you receive DOUBLE points when you refill! Cause your doing double good!!

Information is subject to change. Please call the store to check stock. 204-808-9848.

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Reduce, Reuse, Refill!

Change is up to each of us...

Simple changes can have a big impact on our world.  From reducing waste to being mindful of where our products come from and where they end up are great places to start!

Just begin with one small change and you'll be surprised by just how simple sometimes it is.  


We understand it can be overwhelming comparing products, finding ones that can stand up to conventional ones and of course cost.  


At Generation Green, we are aware of all of this and are here to assist!  Refilling is just one of the options to help you save on costs and save the planet too! 



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