The Wonderful Some Moroccan Oil

Here at Generation Green, we are so excited with our new product by Some Moroccan. Although one may be mesmerized by the beautiful gold and brown bottle, it’s what is on the inside that will truly have you captivated. The product is incredible for a variety of reasons. The first being that it is 100% fair-trade argan oil specifically from Morocco and packaged here in Winnipeg. This product takes an astonishing 18 hours to produce one litre. The care put into making this product should not go unrecognized!

This product is so amazing, there’s a reason why they call it “liquid gold”. Not only is it great for the tips of your hair, but it feels amazing on your skin, body or even nails.

But here’s where the real story begins. Yes, this product is incredible for what is on the inside. But the story behind it is what keeps me invested and a huge fan. Some Moroccan receives their oil from Morocco. But who, what, how? This argan oil is sourced from local Moroccan cooperatives. They sustain women with fair wages and give them access to pursue an education. Another great fact about Some Moroccan is that 5% of every bottle sold goes directly to less-fortunate children living in Morocco. They decided to go this route when a little girl inspired the owners with her motivation to study, but faced difficulties with a lack of school supplies.

Some Moroccan pure argan oil is known to be used to:

  • Diminish scars and blemishes

  • Treat eczema and relieve psoriasis

  • Prevent stretch marks and redness

  • Frizz remover and hair conditioner

  • Beard and shave oil

  • Cuticle oil

  • Day and night oil for the face

  • Prevent acne

  • Primer for makeup

  • UV protection from sun

  • Hand and body moisturizer

  • Luxury massage oil

  • And More!

Personally, I have normal-oily skin. I often face challenges when I use oils, whether I am using them on my face or in my hair. I was pleased to discover that Some Moroccan argan oil did not leave my hair and skin feeling oily or greasy. The oil absorbed so nicely and left my skin and hair feeling soft and satisfied. When using it in my hair, I placed the oil on the tips of my hair and as a result, my hair was so soft and de-frizzed, and it lasted all day! When using it on my skin, I personally prefer to use it in the evening to allow the oil to absorb overnight. I am so happy I found this product!

Come visit and we can give you a sample to try and answer any other questions you may have.