Good Planet Project

Generation Green, Cultivating a Community of Conscious Consumers

I was fortunate to meet Dylan & Brittany from the Good Planet Project as they travelled through Manitoba, and was honoured they selected Generation Green as one of their focus stops.

With a van Dylan refurbished, and his trusty camera, they are travelling in search of folks trying to make a difference in the repair, conservation and celebration of our planet. Brittany is a journalist who is documenting the adventure and both were so easy to chat with! Be sure to follow their adventures on their website

Here's a what they had to say about little ol' us...

Photo courtesy of Good Planet Project

Located in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Generation Green is a small but mighty shop, representing so much about what is at the core of the environmental movement; the health of the planet, the health of its people, the intention behind the ways and what we consume, and the community created around those pursuits. The walls are adorned with every kind of sustainable and ethical goods, the refilling station features 20 different every day products to fill your own container with, and the amazing Acorn Café occupies the back corner, tempting anyone who walks by with their treats and eats. The sun streams in, familiar faces pass in and out, the staff is excited to share their latest favorite product, and the air smells like fresh coffee.

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