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    Generation Green

    Generation Green opened in The Forks Market in September of 2012. Owner and manager Sherry Sobey dedicated the shop to offering eco-friendly and sustainable products for environmentally conscious consumers.

    Generation Green recognizes the beneficial environmental impact on supporting the local economy. Therefore, Generation Green is also known as a cheerleader and supporter of all things local!

    We do our homework!

    At Generation Green we do homework when sourcing the products we offer.

    We not only use these products ourselves in our homes, but we adhere to a strict guideline for ethical sourcing.


    We make a conscious effort to source and purchase locally, in order to support Canadian businesses.


    Living green in this generation does not mean we have to make big sacrifices. Every small change we make helps in a collective effort to minimize the impact on our world!

    Acorn Cafe

    Acorn Cafe came to fruition due to our expansion in 2017. Acorn Cafe is located inside of Generation Green and offers quick, vegan eats and a delicious and creative drink menu.

    Generation Green strives to offer healthy alternatives to what we put on our bodies, around our bodies, and in our homes.


    To truly offer healthy alternatives, the final step was to consider what we put in our bodies. Acorn Cafe offers healthy eats and indulgent treats, but all entirely vegan. Producing and consuming vegan food is good for the environment and wholesome to our bodies.

    Wildflower Project 

    Generation Green's Willdflower Project is based around the need for connection that we as humans all share. The Wildflower Project begins with connecting our journeys by starting conversations. 

    We believe that we can connect, grow, and bloom through community. You can now listen to Wildflower Project podcasts, visit our pop-up events, workshops, day retreats, and more!